Monday, May 2, 2011

FA surveys - Good, Bad or downright Sad ?

Ah yes. The FA surveys, the surveys that seem to happen every week. First it was the FAinsider, now an other account ?

* The Good side - they let FAers know what they're doing right and wrong. The give us a chance to show our true feelings on FA. We all have to admit this - we are disliked by at least 1 FAer - but who ? This is your time to find out.

*The Bad side - they cause alot of arguments in FA. They make FAers feel bad - or even, bigheaded. One is enough - but 5 ? Stop trying to act mysterious - alot of us have had enough FAsurvey people.

*The Sad side - Is the creator of the survey someone disliked/well liked ? What if they practically KNOW theyre names gonna be on most of the questions - They'll just go ahead and moan/brag about it. Or is it someone looking for attention ? Someone unknown maybe ? You have to think about these things.

Please comment on YOUR opinion on all this. And remember, add me/mail me on Dancaholic98 with your email address so you can write for the blog!


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